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24 April 2015

The School is happy to welcome, Dr Satoshi Sasaki as a new academic member of staff in the Condensed Matter research group.

Satoshi has joined the School following an assistant professor post at the ISIR, Osaka University in Japan. During his time at Osaka, Satoshi was working on a specific area of research on topological insulators, crystalline insulators and superconductors.

Satoshi has lived in Japan, Europe and America; obtaining a BSc, MSc and PhD in Physics at Kyoto University in Japan, followed by a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at Laboratoire de Physique Statistique de l’Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris. In addition, Satoshi took a short postdoctoral fellowship role at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, North-western University in Evanston, USA.

Satoshi’s main research focus now lies in macroscopic quantum phenomena exhibited by systems of helium 3 or 4 at ultralow temperatures. In addition, Satoshi also shows a strong interest in electron systems with inverted band structure. These materials are regarded as one of the promising platforms in condensed matter physics to study new, topologically distinct, quantum states, hosting exotic quasiparticles such as Dirac fermions and Majorana fermions. Satoshi has been working as an experimental physicist in this exciting field for six years now

Registration closing soon!

24 April 2015

The deadline to register for this year's Annual microbubble Symposium is Thursday 30th April.

Please register via the online store to secure your space at what will be the next in a series of successful Symposiums.

Confirmed speakers include, Cavalli, Hossack and Roy. A full list can be found here along with a link to the registration store and information about the Symposium.

We look forward to seeing you there!


20 March 2015

Students and staff in the School were able to view today's partial eclipse using the facilities in the Observatory.

Prof Melvin Hoare had set up telescopes to allow a large number of people to catch the best views of the eclipse on Friday morning. This included projection onto a screen and use of a specialist solar telescope that enabled spectacular views of prominences as well as the eclipse.

On Thursday evening Melvin had appeared on Look North talking to "Paul the Weatherman" about the eclipse - this is about 22minutes 26 seconds into the programme on iPlayer

Butterflies to battleships

17 March 2015

The recent Stoner Colloquium was a great success, with an excellent turn out for Professor Roy Sambles, President Elect of the Institute of Physics.

His talk entitled ‘Electromagnetic metasurfaces – from butterflies to battleships’ showed the diversity of optical phenomena that occurs in nature and which might inspire the design of new devices, from anti-reflective coatings to invisibility cloaks.

We were honoured to have Roy, a Professor at the University of Exeter, as our guest in the School of Physics and Astronomy - to provide an inspirational talk and participate in excellent scientific discussions throughout the day.


16 March 2015

The School is happy to welcome Dr Zlatko Papic to the department as a member of the recently formed Theoretical Physics group led by Dr Almut Beige.

Zlatko has joined the school from the Perimeter Institute in Canada where he was a postdoctoral fellow. He obtained his PhD from Universite Paris-Sud in 2010 and subsequently worked at Princeton University as a postdoctoral researcher (2010-2013).  

He is a condensed matter theorist with a broad interest in quantum many-body systems. His research focuses on topological phases, graphene, fractional quantum Hall effect, quantum information concepts such as entanglement and matrix-product states/tensor networks used to describe condensed matter systems and nonequilibrium dynamics of interacting quantum disordered systems.

The School is looking forward to working closely with Zlatko and helping to develop his research further.

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