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1851 Industry Fellowship

1 October 2015

Congratulations to Devesh Mistry, a postgraduate student in the School who has been awarded the prestigious 1851 Industrial Fellowship.

This is an incredible achievement for Devesh as only 8 awards are presented each year to first class graduates in Science, Engineering or Medicine.

Devesh, who is funded by the EPSRC, is using novel new liquid crystalline materials to develop a synthetic replacement for the crystalline lens of the eye to mitigate age-related deterioration of vision. The aim is for the focus of the lens to be controlled by the muscles in the eye, in a similar manner to the natural young lens. The developed lens could be surgically implanted to offer an accommodative effect similar to the young eye.

Inspired by a desire to work at the frontiers of technology, Devesh graduated with a 1st class MPhys degree from the University of Oxford in 2014. He is now beginning the second year of his PhD at the University of Leeds. His research is collaborative with the University of Manchester and is sponsored by UltraVision CLPL, a company specialising in advanced contact lenses.

Devesh will be presented with the award on 14th October in London, by Jo Johnson, the newly appointed Minister for Universities and Science.