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At least half the entry-level vacancies advertised this year by City investment banks and the leading law firms are likely to be filled by graduates who have already completed work experience with the employer

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Take a leading role in future scientific discoveries

Taking the lead in scientific discovery

Careers & employment

A good physics degree is the starting point for a range of intellectually satisfying and well paid careers. Many of our students choose to carry on to study for a PhD in disciplines across Physics and Engineering, leading to careers in both academia and industry. Others choose to follow graduate recruitment schemes in Engineering, Finance, Industry or IT, or train to be a teacher.

The skills you will develop during your degree in problem solving, whether mathematical or experimental, in IT and in presenting your work make you highly desirable to employers. The fact that you will have had to demonstrate considerable mathematical skills along the way gives you a distinct edge over those students lacking that background.

No matter which career path you decide to follow you will need the right combination of skills, experience and confidence to make you the natural choice for employers when the right opportunities arise.

From the start of your degree we will help you to find a career that suits you and provide opportunities to develop your employment prospects, so that you can make a success of whatever you choose.

There is such a wide range of jobs that are open to physics graduates, meaning that the typical salary can vary greatly depending on the sector.

In 2014, the median graduate starting salary was £27,000.

More specialist positions requiring a postgraduate qualification or several years of experience can have annual salaries in the range £30,000-40,000.

Physics jobs

Below you will find just some of the possible job roles that you can go into with a physics degree

Applied Physicist

Laser Physicist

Senior Holographer - Optical 

Physicist - Innovative Technology Development

For further details of possible careers, you might like to visit the Institute of Physics Careers page for some other ideas.

See where some of our graduates are working now.

We can even help you to start your own business through our Enterprise Scholars scheme.