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Providing you with the opportunities to secure your future career

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Throughout your degree course we will make sure that you have the support and opportunity to develop the skills and experience required to make the most of your career choices.

You can get some great work experience which can be featured on your CV through a summer research placement in one of our research labs, via our Industrial Placement scheme or by securing a part-time job through the Student Union's Joblink. You could also look at the volunteering opportunities available through the Student Union and our Study Abroad scheme, both of which will help your personal development.

All of these opportunities can really help you stand out from the crowd.

Skill development
We teach problem-solving and high level thinking at all stages of your degree, as well as offering specific careers advice in the form of classes, workshops and seminars.The modular nature of our degree programmes provides you with opportunities to develop the core subject knowledge and skills that you need to progress a career in a chosen area. Whilst our Industrial Placement and Study Abroad schemes help you gain vital experience and build confidence.

All our courses are accredited by the Institute of Physics which means your degree will be highly valued by employers around the world.

It also means that our degrees meet exacting quality standards and that their content is approved by one of the foremost scientific bodies in the world to ensure you are taught material of the highest standard.

Career planning
There are a huge number of different job roles, in a diverse range of empoyment sectors, open to physics graduates but it is not always clear which career to follow or which skills are needed to secure it when you do chose.

From deciding what to do to fine-tuning applications and everything in between, the right career for you starts with the University's Careers Centre. Staff are happy to get you started even if you have not yet considered which career path you would like to aim for.

The Careers Centre is a great source of information if you know what direction you want to move in – and has a lot of useful advice if you don’t.

There are careers fairs with potential employers, advice about internships and work experience and e-learning opportunities to find out about how to get the graduate job you want.

Life long learning opportunities
Throughout your time at Leeds we will help you develop yourself. Whether through your academic studies or extra curricula activities, you will be guided by experienced staff and provided with a wealth of opportunities to learn and grow.

Leeds for Life is a programme aimed at preparing our students for their future. It’s about inspiring them to get the most out of their academic and co-curricular experiences and build on their time studying at the University of Leeds. We want our students to be able to recognise the value of everything they have done at university and be at ease articulating this clearly and confidently.

For more information on our approach to graduate employability, please see: