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Stoner Colloquium

History of the Stoner Colloquia series

The Stoner Colloquium is a series of talks given by prestigious guest speakers invited by the School of Physics and Astronomy. These special events are held in honour of Professor E.C. Stoner, who was a Professor at University of Leeds from 1939 to 1963 and held the Cavendish Chair of Physics from 1951 to 1963. These events are open to everyone from school children to retired Professors, therefore the topics covered need to be accessible to a wide audience.

The School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leeds host 2 – 3 Stoner Colloquium’s per year. Established speakers are selected by the Research and Innovation committee and are invited to visit the School and meet with other academics in different fields to discuss research and collaborations. The Colloquium then follows on from this and a question and answer session plus reception is held afterwards.

Speakers in the past have included, Massimo Noro, Roy Sambles, Sir John Meurig Thomas and Thomas McLeish. The standard and reputation of these talks are held in high esteem within the School and University making them extremely popular with a diverse audience.


Upcoming Colloquia

9th May 2016 - Professor James Hough FRS, University of Glasgow.

'Gravitational Waves and their Direct Detection'
6pm - Conference Auditorium One.

4th October 2016 - Professor Steve Simons, University of Oxford
6pm - Location TBC

Past Colloquia


Mark Warner – ‘Solids that break all the usual rules’
Keith Burnett – ‘Quantum fluctuations and correlations in cold matter’
Matthias Bode – ‘Imaging of magnetic nanostructures with atomic spin resolution’
Mike Coey – ‘Phantom ferromagnetism’


Werner Hoffmann – ‘The high energy g-ray sky revealed: from H.E.S.S. to CTA’
Sean Langridge – ‘Magnetism at the interface: observing the buried physics of magnetic nanostructures’
Art McDonald – ‘SNO, SNO+ and the new SNOLAB’


Michael Atiyah – ‘Topology and quantum physics’


Sir John Meurig Thomas – ‘The genius of Michael Farraday’


Markus Aspelmeyer – ‘Shroedinger’s mirrors: Confronting quantum physics with gravity?’


Massimo Noro – ‘Unilever, Science and eScience: The challenges ahead’


Roy Sambles – ‘Electromagnetic metasurfaces – from butterflies to battleships’

Paul Collier - 'The LHC - Past Present and Future'


Julia Yeomans - 'Nature's Engines: Powering Life' 


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