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Dr Oscar Cespedes

Condensed Matter Group

Contact details

Room: 8.302
Tel: +44 (0)113 3431885
Email: o.cespedes @


Carbon nanomaterials
C60 magnetic tunnel junctions
Spin transport in graphene and carbon nanotubes
Raman spectroscopy

Research interests

My research interests cover a broad range of topics, including:

1.- Electron and spin dependent transport in carbon based materials, such as magnetic tunnel junctions with buckyballs(C60), and spintronics in graphene, carbon nanotubes and other organics.

2.- Magnetic field dependent transport in nanostructures, such as magnetic oxide nanoconstrictions (Fe3O4, NiOx, LSMO) and gas-stabilised break junctions.

3.- The electron/spin-phonon interaction in hybrid devices (probed by Raman, Brillouin light scattering and other techniques).

4.- Biomagnetism and novel mechanisms of interactions between RF/microwave magnetic fields and proteins.

5.- Exobiology and protein dynamics in conditions simulating those of other planets and/or outer space, including Raman microscopy at low temperatures (down to ~3 K) or under simulated microgravity using magnetic fields.

6.- The magnetic and optical properties of magnetic nanoparticles for device and biological applications.

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Al Ma’Mari F, Rogers M, Alghamdi S, Moorsom T, Lee S, Prokscha T, Luetkens H, Valvidares M, Teobaldi G, Flokstra M, Stewart R, Gargiani P, Ali M, Burnell G, Hickey BJ, Cespedes O Emergent magnetism at transition-metal–nanocarbon interfaces Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 5583-5588, 2017
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Kulmaczewski R, Cespedes O, Halcrow MA Gradual Thermal Spin-Crossover Mediated by a Reentrant Z′ = 1 → Z′ = 6 → Z′ = 1 Phase Transition Inorganic Chemistry 56 3144-3148, 2017
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Kulmaczewski R, Cespedes O, Halcrow MA Gradual Thermal Spin-Crossover Mediated by a Reentrant Z '=1=6 ->Z '=1 Phase Transition INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 56 3144-3148, 2017

Fang Z, Mitra A, Westerman AL, Ali M, Ciccarelli C, Cespedes O, Hickey BJ, Ferguson AJ Thickness dependence study of current-driven ferromagnetic resonance in Y3Fe5O12/heavy metal bilayers Applied Physics Letters 110 -, 2017
View abstract

Talalaevskij A, Decker M, Stigloher J, Mitra A, Körner HS, Cespedes O, Back CH, Hickey BJ Magnetic properties of spin waves in thin yttrium iron garnet films Physical Review B 95 -, 2017
View abstract

Halcrow MA, Kulmaczewski RL, Cespedes O Data to support study of Gradual Thermal Spin-Crossover Mediated by a Re-Entrant Z? = 1 to Z? = 6 to Z? = 1 Phase Transition., 2017

Li S, Ihli J, Marchant WJ, Zeng M, Chen L, Wehbe K, Cinque G, Cespedes O, Kapur N, Meldrum FC Synchrotron FTIR mapping of mineralization in a microfluidic device Lab on a Chip 17 1616-1624, 2017
View abstract

Burrows KE, McGrath SE, Kulmaczewski R, Cespedes O, Barrett SA, Halcrow MA Spin States of Homochiral and Heterochiral Isomers of [Fe(PyBox)2]2+Derivatives Chemistry - A European Journal -, 2017
View abstract

Kulak AN, Grimes R, Kim YY, Semsarilar M, Anduix-Canto C, Cespedes O, Armes SP, Meldrum FC Polymer-Directed Assembly of Single Crystal Zinc Oxide/Magnetite Nanocomposites under Atmospheric and Hydrothermal Conditions Chemistry of Materials 28 7528-7536, 2016

Cepriá G, Córdova WR, Céspedes O, Sánchez-García L, Ferrer P, Gianolio D, Castillo JR Physical and chemical characterization of cerium(IV) oxide nanoparticles Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 408 6589-6598, 2016

Ye S, Benz F, Wheeler MC, Oram J, Baumberg JJ, Cespedes O, Christenson HK, Coletta PL, Jeuken LJC, Markham AF, Critchley K, Evans SD One-step fabrication of hollow-channel gold nanoflowers with excellent catalytic performance and large single-particle SERS activity Nanoscale 8 14932-14942, 2016

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Henrichs LF, Cespedes O, Bennett J, Landers J, Salamon S, Heuser C, Hansen T, Helbig T, Gutfleisch O, Lupascu DC, Wende H, Kleemann W, Bell AJ Multiferroic Clusters: A New Perspective for Relaxor-Type Room-Temperature Multiferroics ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 26 2111-2121, 2016

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Al Ma'Mari F, Moorsom T, Teobaldi G, Deacon W, Prokscha T, Luetkens H, Lee S, Sterbinsky GE, Arena DA, MacLaren DA, Flokstra M, Ali M, Wheeler MC, Burnell G, Hickey BJ, Cespedes O Beating the Stoner criterion using molecular interfaces. Nature 524 69-73, 2015
View abstract

Kershaw Cook LJ, Thorp-Greenwood FL, Comyn TP, Cespedes O, Chastanet G, Halcrow MA Unexpected Spin-Crossover and a Low-Pressure Phase Change in an Iron(II)/Dipyrazolylpyridine Complex Exhibiting a High-Spin Jahn-Teller Distortion Inorganic Chemistry 54 6319-6330, 2015
View abstract

Kershaw Cook LJ, Thorp-Greenwood FL, Comyn TP, Cespedes O, Chastanet G, Halcrow MA Unexpected Spin-Crossover and a Low-Pressure Phase Change in an Iron(II)/Dipyrazolylpyridine Complex Exhibiting a High-Spin Jahn- Teller Distortion. Inorganic chemistry 54 6319-6330, 2015
View abstract

Popuri SR, Redpath D, Chan G, Smith RI, Cespedes O, Bos JWG Antisite-disorder, magnetic and thermoelectric properties of Mo-rich Sr<inf>2</inf>Fe<inf>1-y</inf>Mo<inf>1+y</inf>O<inf>6</inf> (0≤ y ≤ 0.2) double perovskites Dalton Transactions 44 10621-10627, 2015
View abstract

Cook LJK, Shepherd HJ, Comyn TP, Baldé C, Cespedes O, Chastanet G, Halcrow MA Decoupled spin crossover and structural phase transition in a molecular iron(II) complex Chemistry - A European Journal 21 4805-4816, 2015
View abstract

Santoro A, Kershaw Cook LJ, Kulmaczewski R, Barrett SA, Cespedes O, Halcrow MA Iron(II) complexes of tridentate indazolylpyridine ligands: Enhanced spin-crossover hysteresis and ligand-based fluorescence Inorganic Chemistry 54 682-693, 2015
View abstract

Chowdhury M, Oputu O, Kebede M, Cummings F, Cespedes O, Maelsand A, Fester V Rapid and large-scale synthesis of Co3O4octahedron particles with very high catalytic activity, good supercapacitance and unique magnetic properties RSC Advances 5 104991-105002, 2015
View abstract

Mari FAM, Moorsom T, Teobaldi G, Deacon W, Prokscha T, Luetkens H, Lee S, Sterbinsky GE, Arena DA, MacLaren DA, Flokstra M, Ali M, Wheeler MC, Burnell G, Hickey B, Cespedes O Beating the Stoner Criterion, 2015

Cespedes O, Wheeler M, Moorsom T, Viret M Unexpected magnetic properties of gas-stabilized platinum nanostructures in the tunneling regime Nano Letters 15 45-50, 2014
View abstract

Ma'Mari FA, Wheeler M, Kendric E, Burnell G, Hickey BJ, Moorsom T, Cespedes O Direct Measurement of spin polarization in ferromagnetic-C60 interfaces using point-contact andreev reflection IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 50 -, 2014
View abstract

Moorsom T, Wheeler M, Mohd Khan T, Al Ma'Mari F, Kinane C, Langridge S, Ciudad D, Bedoya-Pinto A, Hueso L, Teobaldi G, Lazarov VK, Gilks D, Burnell G, Hickey BJ, Cespedes O Spin-polarized electron transfer in ferromagnet/C60 interfaces Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 90 -, 2014
View abstract

Kulmaczewski R, Shepherd HJ, Cespedes O, Halcrow MA A homologous series of [Fe(H₂Bpz₂)₂(L)] spin-crossover complexes with annelated bipyridyl co-ligands. Inorg Chem 53 9809-9817, 2014
View abstract

Venugopal A, Cespedes O, Russell SJ Controlling dielectric and magnetic properties of PVdF/Magnetite nanocomposite fibre webs. International Journal of Polymer Science 2014 -, 2014
View abstract

Chowdhury MR, Fester V, Kale G, Cespedes O Hydrothermal precipitation of beta-FeOOH nanostructure(s) in mixed solvent: study of their morphological and structural evolution JOURNAL OF NANOPARTICLE RESEARCH 16 -, 2014

Kulak AN, Semsarilar M, Kim YY, Ihli J, Fielding LA, Cespedes O, Armes SP, Meldrum FC One-pot synthesis of an inorganic heterostructure: Uniform occlusion of magnetite nanoparticles within calcite single crystals Chemical Science 5 738-743, 2014
View abstract

Kim Y-Y, Schenk AS, Walsh D, Kulak AN, Cespedes O, Meldrum FC Bio-inspired formation of functional calcite/metal oxide nanoparticle composites. Nanoscale 6 852-859, 2014
View abstract

Moorsom T, Wheeler M, Taukeer Khan M, Al Ma'Mari F, Burnell G, Hickey BJ, Lazarov V, Gilks D, Cespedes O Effects of spin doping and spin injection in the luminescence and vibrational spectrum of C60 Applied Physics Letters 105 -, 2014
View abstract

Gilks D, Lari L, Naughton J, Cespedes O, Cai Z, Gerber A, Thompson SM, Ziemer K, Lazarov VK Origin of anomalous magnetite properties in crystallographic matched heterostructures: Fe3O4(111)/MgAl2O4(111) Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 25 -, 2013
View abstract

Zhang Y, Pilapong C, Guo Y, Ling Z, Cespedes O, Quirke P, Zhou DJ Sensitive, Simultaneous Quantitation of Two Unlabeled DNA Targets Using a Magnetic Nanoparticle-Enzyme Sandwich Assay Analytical Chemistry -, 2013
View abstract

Gilks D, Lari L, Cai Z, Cespedes O, Gerber A, Thompson S, Ziemer K, Lazarov VK Magnetism and magnetotransport in symmetry matched spinels: Fe3O4/MgAl2O4 Journal of Applied Physics 113 -, 2013
View abstract

Wheeler M, Hickey BJ, Cespedes O Enhanced exchange bias of spin valves fabricated on fullerene-based seed layers IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 48 3047-3050, 2012
View abstract

Aljabali AAA, Barclay JE, Cespedes O, Rashid A, Staniland SS, Lomonossoff GP, Evans DJ Charge Modified Cowpea Mosaic Virus Particles for Templated Mineralization ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 21 4137-4142, 2011

Garcia J, Zhang Y, Taylor H, Cespedes O, Webb WE, Zhou DJ Multilayer enzyme-coupled magnetic nanoparticles as efficient, reusable biocatalysts and biosensors Nanoscale 3 3721-3730, 2011
View abstract

Céspedes O, Inomoto O, Kai S, Nibu Y, Yamaguchi T, Sakamoto N, Akune T, Inoue M, Kiss T, Ueno S Radio frequency magnetic field effects on molecular dynamics and iron uptake in cage proteins. Bioelectromagnetics 31 311-317, 2010
View abstract

Cespedes O, Inomoto O, Kai S, Ueno S Effects of Cationization and 6-Hydroxydopamine on the Reduced Iron Release Rates From Ferritin by Radio-Frequency Magnetic Fields, 2009

Céspedes O, Ueno S Effects of radio frequency magnetic fields on iron release from cage proteins. Bioelectromagnetics 30 336-342, 2009
View abstract

Cespedes O, Viret M Normal and reversed tunable magnetoresistance in a NiOx/p-doped silicon diode APPL PHYS LETT 94 -, 2009

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View abstract

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View abstract