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Dr Kevin Critchley

Molecular and Nanoscale Physics Group

Contact details

Room: 8.38
Tel: +44 (0)113 3433873
Email: k.critchley @


Quantum dots
Surface chemistry
Nanoscale transport measurements

Research interests

My research group focuses on the development of advanced nanomaterials and translating these towards biomedical applications. By understanding the fundamental physics behind the materials we synthesize we strive to make leaps forward in the fields of Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine. The three themes that we currently study are:

Quantum dot technology. We synthesize and develop cadmium based and cadmium-free quantum dots for advance biomedical imaging technologies. As well as development of biocompatible materials, we are also working towards quantum dots with bimodal properties. Our aim to expand activity in this area and will be offering PhD, and PDRA opportunities.

Nanowires. We synthesize and characterize semiconductor (ZnO, CdTe, PbTe) and metallic (Au, Ni, Cu, Zn, and Ag) nanowires. The main focus is to understand and use the properties introduced by nanoscale effects. We study the tranposrt properties using multiprobe scanning probe microscopy in combination with an SEM. Material properties are studied by TEM/

Nanoparticles. We synthesize and study functionalised nanoparticles to improve the understanding of nanoparticle interactions with biological systems.

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Virzbickas K, Rimkute L, Harvie AJ, Critchley K Surfactant-dependent photoluminescence of CdTe/CdS nanocrystals Journal of Experimental Nanoscience 1-10, 2017
View abstract

Virzbickas K, Rimkute L, Harvie AJ, Critchley K Surfactant-dependent photoluminescence of CdTe/CdS nanocrystals: PL spectroscopy, absorption spectroscopy and TIRF data, 2017

Harvie AJ, Booth M, Chantry RL, Hondow N, Kepaptsoglou DM, Ramasse QM, Evans SD, Critchley K Observation of compositional domains within individual copper indium sulfide quantum dots Nanoscale 8 16157-16161, 2016
View abstract

Ye S, Benz F, Wheeler MC, Oram J, Baumberg JJ, Cespedes O, Christenson HK, Coletta PL, Jeuken LJC, Markham AF, Critchley K, Evans SD One-step fabrication of hollow-channel gold nanoflowers with excellent catalytic performance and large single-particle SERS activity Nanoscale 8 14932-14942, 2016
View abstract

Galloway JM, Bird SM, Talbot JE, Shepley PM, Bradley RC, El-Zubir O, Allwood DA, Leggett GJ, Miles JJ, Staniland SS, Critchley K Nano- and micro-patterning biotemplated magnetic CoPt arrays. Nanoscale 8 11738-11747, 2016
View abstract

Alotaibi KM, Shiels L, Lacaze L, Peshkur TA, Anderson P, Machala L, Critchley K, Patwardhan SV, Gibson LT Iron supported on bioinspired green silica for water remediation Chemical Science 8 567-576, 2016
View abstract

Galloway JM, Talbot JE, Critchley K, Miles JJ, Bramble JP Developing Biotemplated Data Storage: Room Temperature Biomineralization of L10CoPt Magnetic Nanoparticles Advanced Functional Materials 25 4590-4600, 2015
View abstract

Galloway JM, Talbot JE, Critchley K, Miles JJ, Bramble JP Data Storage: Developing Biotemplated Data Storage: Room Temperature Biomineralization of L1 0 CoPt Magnetic Nanoparticles (Adv. Funct. Mater. 29/2015) Advanced Functional Materials 25 4744-4744, 2015

Ye S, Marston G, McLaughlan JR, Sigle DO, Ingram N, Freear S, Baumberg JJ, Bushby RJ, Markham AF, Critchley K, Coletta PL, Evans SD Engineering gold nanotubes with controlled length and near-infrared absorption for theranostic applications Advanced Functional Materials 25 2117-2127, 2015
View abstract

Ye S, Marston G, McLaughlan JR, Sigle DO, Ingram N, Freear S, Baumberg JJ, Bushby RJ, Markham AF, Critchley K, Coletta PL, Evans SD Theranostics: Engineering Gold Nanotubes with Controlled Length and Near-Infrared Absorption for Theranostic Applications (Adv. Funct. Mater. 14/2015) Advanced Functional Materials 25 2204-2204, 2015

Bawazer LA, Ihli J, Comyn TP, Critchley K, Empson CJ, Meldrum FC Genetic algorithm-guided discovery of additive combinations that direct quantum dot assembly Advanced Materials 27 223-227, 2015
View abstract

Kraatz IT, Booth M, Whitaker BJ, Nix MGD, Critchley K Sub-bandgap emission and intraband defect-related excited-state dynamics in colloidal CuInS2/ZnS quantum dots revealed by femtosecond pump-dump-probe spectroscopy Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 24102-24109, 2014
View abstract

Murray J, Nowak D, Pukenas L, Azhar R, Guillorit M, Wälti C, Critchley K, Johnson S, Bon RS Solid phase synthesis of functionalised SAM-forming alkanethiol- oligoethyleneglycols Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2 3741-3744, 2014
View abstract

Zhang S, Chen R, Malhotra G, Critchley K, Vakurov A, Nelson A Electrochemical modelling of QD-phospholipid interactions Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 420 9-14, 2014
View abstract

Booth M, Peel R, Partanen R, Hondow N, Vasilca V, Jeuken LJC, Critchley K Amphipol-encapsulated CuInS2/ZnS quantum dots with excellent colloidal stability RSC Advances 3 20559-20566, 2013
View abstract

Abou-Saleh RH, Peyman SA, Critchley K, Evans SD, Thomson NH Nanomechanics of lipid encapsulated microbubbles with functional coatings. Langmuir 29 4096-4103, 2013
View abstract

Galloway JM, Bird SM, Bramble JP, Critchley K, Staniland SS Biotemplating magnetic nanoparticles on patterned surfaces for potential use in data storage Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings 1569 -, 2013
View abstract

Peyman SA, Abou-Saleh RH, McLaughlan JR, Ingram N, Johnson BR, Critchley K, Freear S, Evans JA, Markham AF, Coletta PL, Evans SD Expanding 3D geometry for enhanced on-chip microbubble production and single step formation of liposome modified microbubbles. Lab Chip 12 4544-4552, 2012
View abstract

Tanaka M, Critchley K, Matsunaga T, Evans SD, Staniland SS Fabrication of lipid tubules with embedded quantum dots by membrane tubulation protein. Small 8 1590-1595, 2012
View abstract

Shim BS, Zhu J, Jan E, Critchley K, Kotov NA Transparent conductors from layer-by-layer assembled SWNT films: importance of mechanical properties and a new figure of merit. ACS Nano 4 3725-3734, 2010
View abstract

Podsiadlo P, Krylova G, Lee B, Critchley K, Gosztola DJ, Talapin DV, Ashby PD, Shevchenko EV The role of order, nanocrystal size, and capping ligands in the collective mechanical response of three-dimensional nanocrystal solids. J Am Chem Soc 132 8953-8960, 2010
View abstract

Critchley K, Khanal BP, Górzny MŁ, Vigderman L, Evans SD, Zubarev ER, Kotov NA Near-bulk conductivity of gold nanowires as nanoscale interconnects and the role of atomically smooth interface. Adv Mater 22 2338-2342, 2010

Srivastava S, Santos A, Critchley K, Kim KS, Podsiadlo P, Sun K, Lee J, Xu C, Lilly GD, Glotzer SC, Kotov NA Light-controlled self-assembly of semiconductor nanoparticles into twisted ribbons. Science 327 1355-1359, 2010
View abstract

Podsiadlo P, Qin M, Cuddihy M, Zhu J, Critchley K, Kheng E, Kaushik AK, Qi Y, Kim HS, Noh ST, Arruda EM, Waas AM, Kotov NA Highly ductile multilayered films by layer-by-layer assembly of oppositely charged polyurethanes for biomedical applications. Langmuir 25 14093-14099, 2009
View abstract

Critchley K, Cheadle EM, Zhang HL, Baldwin KJ, Liu Q, Cheng Y, Fukushima H, Tamaki T, Batchelder DN, Bushby RJ, Evans SD Surface plasmon Raman scattering studies of liquid crystal anchoring on liquid-crystal-based self-assembled monolayers. J Phys Chem B 113 15550-15557, 2009
View abstract

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View abstract

Podsiadlo P, Arruda EM, Kheng E, Waas AM, Lee J, Critchley K, Qin M, Chuang E, Kaushik AK, Kim HS, Qi Y, Noh ST, Kotov NA LBL assembled laminates with hierarchical organization from nano- to microscale: high-toughness nanomaterials and deformation imaging. ACS Nano 3 1564-1572, 2009
View abstract

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Podsiadlo P, Michel M, Critchley K, Srivastava S, Qin M, Lee JW, Verploegen E, Hart AJ, Qi Y, Kotov NA Diffusional self-organization in exponential layer-by-layer films with micro- and nanoscale periodicity. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 48 7073-7077, 2009

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View abstract

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View abstract

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View abstract

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View abstract

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View abstract

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View abstract

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View abstract

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