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Prof Melvin G Hoare

Astrophysics Group

Contact details

Room: 9.80
Tel: +44 (0)113 3433864
Email: m.g.hoare @


Star Formation

Research interests

My research focuses on the formation of massive stars - the ones that live fast, die young and control much of galaxy evolution. I carry out high resolution observations in the radio, millimetre and IR regimes to investigate how material accretes via discs and how feedback via jets and winds halts the infall. I am on the Science Working Group for the next generation radio observatory the SKA which has the potential to probe planet formation and the origins of life. I also chair the STFC grants panel for observational astronomy.

Useful links

The Square Kilometre Array next generation radio telescope
e-MERLIN radio array and Legacy Surveys - one of which I lead
The Red MSX Survey. Leeds led project to find all massive young stars in the Galaxy
The CORNISH Survey. High resolution radio survey of the Galactic plane that I lead.