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Prof Christopher H Marrows

Condensed Matter Group

Contact details

Room: 8.306
Tel: +44 (0)113 3433780
Email: c.h.marrows @


Condensed Matter Physics
Materials Physics
Solid State Physics

Research interests

Prof. Marrows has a broad research programme covering nanoelectronics and nanomagnetism: the field of research where these two phenomena interact is called spintronics. The discoveries made in this area of condensed matter physics research underpin advances in data storage technology and are strong candidates for the next generation of post-CMOS electronics and post-von Neumann information technologies. His group takes a cradle-to-grave approach to its research, synthesising new materials, fabricating them into nanostructures, and testing and measuring their functional properties. As well as the state-of-the-art facilities in the Condensed Matter Physics group, they make extensive use of the lithography facilities in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and the electron microscopes in the Institute of Materials Research at Leeds, and are also regular visitors to synchrotron and neutron sources around the world.

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