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Dr Michael E Ries

Soft Matter Group

Contact details

Room: 9.58
Tel: +44 (0)113 3433859
Email: m.e.ries @


Soft matter
Ionic liquid

Research interests

My research focuses on the use of NMR to determine microscopic properties of soft matter systems and then linking these to their macroscopic properties. I am involved in both theoretical and experimental work. My research areas are:

Cellulose in ionic liquids and ionic liquid blends.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of cartilage.

Orientation and dynamics in polymer networks, network blends and interpenetrating polymer networks, filler particles; crosslink densities, screening lengths and correlation times.

Structure and dynamics of miscible polymer melt blends; local friction coefficient and entanglement length as a function of composition.

Rouse and reptation parameters of linear monodisperse polymer melts; Kuhn length, Rouse times and ideal glass transition temperature.

Polymer electrolytes; the effect of salt on dynamics and structure of polymer matrix.

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