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Soft Matter Physics

Soft Matter Physics Group

The Soft Matter Physics Group uses closely-integrated experiment, theory, and simulation to study liquid and solid polymeric phases, macromolecular architecture and dynamics, statistical physics of complex fluids, and biophysics (e.g. membranes, proteins, and nucleic acids). Scientific areas include phase behaviour, dynamics and rheology, and structure.

Significant interdisciplinary links are maintained with Biology, Chemistry, and Engineering.

Funding includes the £5.5M EPSRC Microscale Polymer Processing (μPP) grant held with 7 industrial partners and membership in large EU networks in soft and polymeric matter.

The group maintains world-class rheology facilities and now has the UK's only "rheo-NMR" facility.

The group is a member of the UK Polymer IRC, which catalyses joint research in soft matter and has 4 university and 20 industrial subscribing members.

Find out more by visiting the Soft Matter Physics Group website.