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We have a range of 3-year BSc and 4-year Integrated Masters (MPhys) degree courses, which provide flexibility and the opportunity to specialise in a particular area of the science.

All of our degree courses will give you a solid grounding in physics and mathematics, with options that allow you to pursue your own interests as you go through the course. You will have plenty of opportunity to follow your own interests and develop your personal skills and experience, through the final year project, study abroad programme and industrial placements.

Over 95% of our 2016 MPhys graduates achieved either a first or upper second class degree. Watch a video of our students talking about what they like about their course.

Degree courses at the School of Physics and Astronomy
CourseLengthUCAS codeTypical offer
Physics (MPhys,BSc)4 yearsF302AAA
Physics (BSc)3 yearsF300AAB
Physics with Astrophysics
Physics with Astrophysics (MPhys,BSc)4 yearsF3FMAAA
Physics with Astrophysics (BSc)3 yearsF3F5AAB
Theoretical Physics
Theoretical Physics (MPhys,BSc)4 yearsF340AAA
Theoretical Physics (BSc)3 yearsF3K0AAB

In addition to the single honours courses detailed above, there are a number of other courses where physics is combined with other subjects in a joint honours programme. These additional courses are parented by other schools across the University and are listed below;

CourseLengthUCAS codeTypical offer
Other subjects
Natural Sciences (MNatSc,BSc)4 yearsBCF0A*AA
History & Philosophy of Science and Physics (BSc)3 yearsFV35ABB
BSc Philosophy-Physics3 yearsFVH5AAB


What our Class of 2016 had to say about their time at Leeds